SOCKSEDO is a Mumbai-based start-up with a mission to bring premium, colourful and unique socks to stylish, modern day ladies and gentlemen. It’s the brainchild of Sharan Sethi (aka. Happi Singh), a funny guy who loves his beer with chicken, still watches cartoons, pranks his friends and once burnt soup.

We at SOCKSEDO feel the sock is no longer the humble garment worn to serve as a buffer between your skin and footwear, but is rather a must-have style accessory. Our socks are suited for every occasion. Whether you’re wearing a tuxedo to your best friend’s wedding, landing that big client at your law firm or just out playing ball with the lads, these pairs will surely turn heads.

Crafted from the smoothest combed cotton with 200 needle construction and hand-linked toe, they’ll subtly add class and character to your attire.

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